Meet your neighbor: Kaily Bargmann

August 22, 2018

She spent the early part of her life moving from place to place because her father was in the Air Force.

Kaily Bargmann said that was difficult, and she wants to raise her own children in one place, North Platte.

“I was born in Louisiana,” Kaily said. “From Louisiana we moved to North Dakota, then Wyoming, a short time to North Carolina, and then when dad retired, we came to North Platte in 2000.”

She said she started and finished high school at North Platte High School.

“We didn’t know anybody here, Dad just got on with the railroad after he retired,” Kaily said. “We just stayed here and now it’s home. I like it.”

Although moving around was hard for her, she said it taught her to be open-minded and adjust to different situations and people.

“I said I’ll never make my kids do that, so we’re here for life,” Kaily said.

Kaily has been married to Tracy Bargmann for five years. They have two daughters, Elyn, 7, and Alex Kate will be 2 in October.

“I do mortgage loans at Community First Bank,” Kaily said. “I’ve been in banking since 2004, then I started doing mortgages about two years ago.”

She said she loves her job.

“I love just being a part of such a big step in somebody’s life,” Kaily said. “Your dream’s coming true, you’re moving on to that next step, the family’s going to be there.”

Her family likes the outdoors and doing things together.

“I like going to the lake, spending time with the family,” Kaily said. “We like boating and watching the kids and their activities, dance and baton.”

Her husband plays a lot of softball.

“Then softball — love it — I love spending my summers watching softball,” she said with a laugh. “I do like it, it’s like a whole other family out there.”

She is involved in the community as well.

“I’m the treasurer for North Platte Business and Professional Women, so I do a lot with that and Deborah’s Legacy,” Kaily said.

Her favorite thing about North Platte is that it feels like family.

“It’s a strong community that we have,” Kaily said. “I don’t have family here, so I really latch onto a great group of friends and community members. I go to Thanksgiving at other people’s houses, but that’s OK.”

As an active and outdoors-type person, Kaily would like to see more of what Nebraska has to offer.

“I think I would like to see more of the falls on the Niobrara and different lakes,” Kaily said. “I’d like to see a Salt Dogs game. I’ve never been to one.”

She said she likes the atmosphere of Nebraska sports events.

“I like going to a Husker game,” Kaily said. “I really don’t pay attention to the game, but I just enjoy the atmosphere and that kind of thing.”

She and Tracy like outdoor concerts at the State Fair.

“We love Eric Church, and we’ve seen him a few times,” Kaily said. “‘I Love Your Love the Most’ was a song we had in our wedding.”

One thing about Kaily that few people know creates a burned smell in her house.

“I’d like to think of something serious here, but I burn microwave popcorn 98 percent of the time,” Kaily said with a laugh. “I just can’t get the timing right — it’s either burnt or very few pop.”

On the serious side, she shares her gift of encouragement with others.

“I just like to lift people up and look at the good in people,” Kaily said. “There are so many positive things in our community and positive people.”

She said with Business and Professional Women, she is inspired by helping others.

”It makes every day a little bit better, think positive in life and not dwell on the negative things ... except for the burnt popcorn,” Kaily said.

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