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BC-WI--Wisconsin Weekend Exchange Digest, WI

February 20, 2019

Here are the Wisconsin AP Member Exchange Features for Feb. 23-25:



MILWAUKEE _ On an unseasonably warm February morning, 11 children — some quiet and sleepy-eyed, some chipper and chatty — followed Regina Stieber along Milwaukee sidewalks wet with melting snow. Two days per week, Lincoln Avenue Elementary School’s “walking bus” picks up students on a set route and makes sure they get to school safely. Stieber, Lincoln’s community school coordinator, along with special education teacher Sue Sauerberg and her 18-year-son, make the mile walk each Monday while two other Lincoln teachers lead the “bus,” which is actually a supervised procession of walkers, on Fridays. By Caitlin Sievers, The Journal Times. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1040 words, photos.


JANESVILLE, Wis. _ They were sitting ducks. Two young men crawling across a minefield — one with a missing foot, the other a medic with six weeks of first-aid training and a bag of crude battlefield medicine. Exposed and moving across a field of schu-mines, the medic helped the wounded man crawl back to safety. That was Germany, 1945. The story of those two young men has now been recorded 74 years after that incident as part of a Janesville Leadership Academy project, “Through the Eyes of Rock County Veterans.” By Catherine W. Idzerda, The Janesville Gazette. SENT IN ADVANCE: 813 words, photos



BELOIT, Wis. _ Rock County Jail Re-entry Services Case Manager Amy Evans has one goal, and that’s to help inmates transition from life behind bars to life back in their respective communities. Evans came over from Child Protective Services about six months ago and she’s hit the ground running. In the last quarter, she helped 84 clients and her recent tally was already up to 30 former inmates served. By Austin Montgomery, Beloit Daily News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 425 words, photo.


CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. _ Sitting in an English class last year, Alan Fox read over examples of college application letters, and one sparked his interest. The letter writer wrote about paper cranes, and that same day, Fox — admittedly a bit bored — searched out a YouTube video on how to make an origami crane. About a week later, the then-senior at Chippewa Falls High School decided to try his hand at creating a crane by carefully folding paper. By Christena T. O’brien, Leader-Telegram. SENT IN ADVANCE: 621 words, photos.

The AP, Milwaukee