Should guns be kept off college campuses?

May 2, 2019

Hypothetical scenario 1: Santa Fe Community College. Class in session — 30 students attending. Suddenly, a burst of gunshots from the hallway outside the classroom. The teacher screams, “Take cover!” Students dive under their desks, nowhere else to go. The door bursts open and a gunman with a mask and an automatic rifle stands in the doorway. He opens fire.

Hypothetical scenario 2: A community college in Jackson, Miss. Exactly the same sequence as above until the door bursts open. Now instead of being met with a room full of terrified students and a teacher, the gunman is staring at student Sally Jones, propped against a desk, with a 9mm Glock aiming straight at him. She opens fire before he has figured out what is happening. The gunman goes down.

A much different outcome. Why? Because Mississippi allows concealed carry licensees who have undergone extensive training and background checks to carry on college campuses. New Mexico does not.

Bob Thornburg

Santa Fe

Living in Ethiopia

I enjoyed Michael Armenta’s My View (“Let’s not forget what we have in common,” April 28), telling of his experiences in Ethiopia, for I lived five years in Ethiopia and share his enthusiasm for the people, and the injera and bira, though surprised that he did not also mention the tej, a potent honey liquor. But I fear that he was too ready to believe his Ethiopian friends’ claim that it was “the only nation never colonized by the white man, defeating the Italians in the famous battle of Adwa.”

The Ethiopians did defeat the Italians at the battle of Adwa — and that was in 1896. But when Mussolini attacked in 1935 with air power, he overwhelmed the Ethiopians and established Italian rule for the next five years. Haile Selassie — who I met personally — is famous for having appealed to the League of Nations, warning that if they did not stop the Italians, the whole world would be at war.

Richard Rowe

Santa Fe

Parody or not

Interestingly, I had the same response to Richard N. Johnson’s letter (“Voter payback time,” Letters to the Editor, April 24) as Rodrigo Lievano (“Real or unreal?” Letters to the Editor, April 26). Parody for sure. But wait! Was it really? Note the letter just above Lievano’s from Maria Lee also responding to Johnson’s tirade/parody (“Confront the threat,” April 26). Now I have second thoughts. Apparently neither writer has read the Mueller report or Attorney General William Barr’s so-called summary. Lee also suggests the Democrats lack integrity. If Lee admires the president and his policies, surely she has a confused understanding of the word “integrity.”

Sandra Schackel

Santa Fe

Caring and voting for country

What the Trump administration has done to immigrant families on the border seeking asylum from violence in their own countries is antithetical to every American ideal we hold dear. We need to release all the people still held in detention and bring an immediate end to further incarceration and separation. The court order to reunite separated parents and children must be obeyed immediately. I am ashamed of this whole horrendous situation and I pray for all the families who have been affected. We need new leadership in the White House and the Senate; everybody who cares about our country must vote in the next election to assure that.

Marlene Foster

Santa Fe

Following four-way stop rules

It seems that quite a few folks in this town do not understand how to negotiate a four-way stop. I had a scary moment on Zafarano Drive recently because of someone who didn’t know the rules, or decided vigorously that they owned the road.

Scott Hankins

Santa Fe