Kent State University open-carry walk cost $65,000 for upping security

October 10, 2018

Kent State University open-carry walk cost $65,000 for upping security

KENT, Ohio -- An open-carry gun walk at Kent State University that turned into a tense, heated confrontation with counter-protestors cost the university $65,000, officials say. 

Costs to Kent State included overtime on Sept. 29, additional Kent State officers, and dispatchers, supplies, facility preparation, transportation, communications and meals, university spokesman Eric Mansfield wrote in an email. 

Hundreds of police officers came from all over Ohio, including other universities and the state highway patrol. But the $65,000 does not include the costs to those police departments. 

The university is not sharing how many officers were on-duty for the event.

Mansfield did not immediately reply to a question about where the money would come from. 

The open-carry walk consisted of about 50 guns-rights activists, advocating for concealed carry on Kent State’s campus. The group was led by Kaitlin Bennett, a Kent State alumna who gained internet fame as the “Kent State gun girl” after she posed with an AR-10 in her graduation photos. 

They were met by a crowd of at least 100 counter-protestors. There were four arrests made at the rally, with all four charged for disorderly conduct and one charged with the assault of a police officer. 

Bennett or any other organizers of the open-carry walk or protestors will not be charged for the event, since it was not a university-registered walk.

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