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BC-WI--Wisconsin Weekend Exchange Digest, WI

December 20, 2018

Here are the Wisconsin AP Member Exchange Features for Dec. 22-24:



JANESVILLE, Wis. _ More than 20 years ago, members of the Janesville branch of the American Association of University Women wanted to make their membership more diverse. The membership tried to bring minorities and different religious and ethnic backgrounds into the chapter, but progress was slow. In 1998, the group organized a breakfast and invited residents who might be interested in encouraging more diversity in Janesville. By Anna Marie Lux, The Janesville Gazette. SENT IN ADVANCE: 943 words, photo.


LA CROSSE, Wis. _ When Christine Poje’s children woke her up the morning of Nov. 8 to see the sunrise, she thought the red sky might portend rain. Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning. “We could use a storm,” Poje thought, as she got up to cover the firewood with a tarp. California had only officially come out of a three-year drought last year, the La Crosse Tribune reported. Much of northern California _ including the town of Paradise in Butte County where Poje and her four children had moved to from La Crosse about three months ago _ was in the middle of a long dry season. By Jennifer Lu, La Crosse Tribune. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1052 words, photos.



MANITOWOC, Wis. _ For the students at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, work has become part of the curriculum. The Manitowoc private school’s new work college model, now in its third year, aims to help students graduate with less debt than the average Wisconsin student and give them real job experience designed to help them find careers in their chosen fields. But as college costs rise and students and families worry about student loan debt, higher education leaders are looking for ways to make college more affordable. By Alisa M. Schafer, Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1224 words, photos.


TOWN OF TEXAS, Wis. _ The first time Dale Lindwall saw the car, it was sitting atop a rock pile on a farm east of Merrill. He thought, “I can do something with this.” It was 2013, and he was looking at a four-door, six-cylinder 1948 P15 Plymouth Deluxe sedan. All of the windows were gone, the Wausau Daily Herald reported. Time and weather had worn away the paint, leaving patches of nearly bare metal on the doors, fenders, hood and trunk. The upholstery was ragged and rotting. Gunshots left a hole in the trunk and rear driver’s side fender. Rust had eaten away most of the floor. By Keith Uhlig, Wausau Daily Herald. SENT IN ADVANCE: 2484 words, photo.

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