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Woman Charged With False Imprisonment

October 18, 1985

HOUSTON (AP) _ A woman who has acknowledged keeping her 25-year-old mentally ill son locked in a room with wire mesh-lined windows and bars on the door has been charged with false imprisonment.

Mirella Adelman, 52, was charged by the Harris County District Attorney’s office Thursday after prosecutors received a complaint. Ms. Adelman, freed on $800 bond, faces up a year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Last year Ms. Adelman won custody from a court-appointed guardian of her son Daniel, whom doctors diagnosed as schizophrenic. She unsuccessfully sued a psychiatrist in July, alleging he was responsible for her losing guardianship.

During the trial of the suit, she testified she kept her son in the den of her house and that the room had mesh on the windows and bars on the door. She said that because of his temper she handcuffed and shackled him when she left the house.

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