Dane County Regional Airport getting $5.7M in federal money to improve infrastructure

September 20, 2018

Infrastructure improvement projects at Dane County Regional Airport will be given financial help from the federal government.

Grants totaling $5.7 million will be awarded to the airport from the Federal Aviation Administration, part of the nearly $3.2 billion in grants given through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP).

Projects include the reconstruction and widening of taxiways, additional runway signage and markings and the addition of a taxiway to an existing secondary runway.

“Continued investments like this help make our busy airport even safer and efficient for travelers,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi.

“These improvements will build on the success of our airport, and strengthen its future.”

U.S. airports get AIP entitlement funding each year, based on a formula using airport activity levels.

If an airport’s capital project needs exceed the entitlement funding, the FAA can add more funding, based on project priorities.

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