The full betrayal of 99 percent of Americans

November 26, 2018

We should by now recognize that President Donald Trump is subservient to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also is viciously addicted to divisiveness, bigotry and violence, he is morally and ethically corrupt, and he is actively subversive of all American principles of governance.

Underlying all that, Trump is narcissistic and sociopathic, as a group of 27 psychiatrists and psychologists (under the name “duty to warn”) have publicly pointed out — they being so concerned about the danger of Trump as president that they have intentionally violated a professional rule against psychological analysis of public figures without personal interviews (the Goldwater rule). See The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, edited by Bandy X. Lee.

What is even more alarming is how many collaborators have come out of the woodwork to further his subversive, sociopathic behavior and policies, including the staff of the Department of Homeland Security, who are carrying out cruel, illegal orders against refugee families; all of his Cabinet appointees, most dedicated to subverting their departments; their subsequent political hires, with the same agenda; judicial appointees who will find sophistic ways to subvert civil liberties and constitutional principles; a significant part of the 1 percent who have more than enough money and power to be fully corrupted and still, pathologically, want more; the ownership and staffs of Fox News and Sinclair Broadcast Group, both right-wing propaganda outlets, mentally, morally and politically corrupting a huge audience; and, of course, the entire Republican Party.

Hitler could not have carried out his cruel depredations and crimes of state terror without countless collaborators in and out of government. So also Trump and this huge band of flag-waving subversives. Their enablers have been the millions of citizens who, through blindness, carelessness or malevolence, fail to see, ignore or welcome this nation’s descent into corrupt tyranny.

Each day, this radical right-wing governance brings more serious attacks on everything — including the rule of law — for which this nation had once been regarded as great, even with its severe flaws. America’s principles of governance, though quite imperfectly realized, have been a guiding light both at home and abroad for two centuries. No more, as the radical right actively seeks its full subversion, with dismaying success. As a result, this federal government and many state governments are committed to full betrayal of 99 percent of Americans.

Hans von Briesen is a longtime resident of Santa Fe.

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