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Wind turbine sculpture proposed in central Iowa

August 3, 2018

NEWTON, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa official has proposed converting a wind turbine blade into a sculpture that would be a new landmark for his community.

Bruce Showalter’s proposal to use the TPI Composites-made wind turbine blade aims to make Newton more appealing and distinguishable to visitors and passers-by, the Newton Daily News reported.

Showalter is the chairman of the Newton Hometown Pride Committee and housing director of Newton Housing Development Corporation. He proposed the idea to city council members on Monday.

“We want your support and your blessing going forward with this if possible at some point in time,” Showalter told the council Monday.

The project aligns with the Newton Future Committee/Newton Hometown Pride Committee’s 2017 goals of making Newton more memorable.

Showalter said he found a potential space for the sculpture near Highway 14. He said that the Iowa Department of Transportation agreed that the space is a viable possibility.

Showalter said the project would cost an estimated $100,000.

Councilwoman Evelyn George liked the idea but voiced concerns about whether the blade would obstruct the view of businesses. Councilman Mark Hallam also enjoyed the concept.

“I think what I especially like about it is the idea of people coming in from the south,” Hallam said. “They see something over on the east side with the ‘Welcome to Newton’ sculpture and there would be something on the west side with this giant wind blade.”


Information from: Newton Daily News, http://www.newtondailynews.com

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