BOSTON (AP) _ A minister is accused of breaking the jaw of a math teacher who gave his daughter a poor grade in conduct, the Boston Herald reported today.

Steven Leonard, headmaster of the Jeremiah Burke High School, said the teacher tried to walk away from an argument with Dale Robinson, an associate minister of the Greater Love Tabernacle.

Robinson, 35, allegedly chased the teacher and punched him in the head twice yesterday. Leonard said he, security officers and other administrators broke up the fight. Robinson then fled.

Math teacher Antonio Centeio, who had given Robinson's daughter a D-minus in conduct and effort, was treated at Massachusetts General Hospital and discharged.

``We anticipate some parents will always be concerned or unsatisfied around report card time,'' said Leonard. ``But in this case, the value system seems to be a little warped.''

The Herald said Robinson, who is 6-foot-8 and weighs 250 pounds, was a basketball star at English High School in 1982 and played the role of the starting center for the Utah Jazz in the 1996 film ``Celtic Pride.''