Arizona Views: Logic will prevail on border wall

January 13, 2019

I see a lot about the border wall in the news, online and on TV, to which many Americans — especially the politicians in Washington — are diametrically opposed.

I did like this “rant” that came in anonymously this week: “The wall would be used as a filter to allow people to enter the U.S. legally. Few are saying ‘everyone stay away,’ rather just enter the U.S. legally. Be part of us for the good of America.”

May cool, logical and simple heads prevail.

• POSTAL — I am confused. It took an entire month for my Christmas card to reach my mother in Colorado. It was about three weeks for family in North Carolina and Florida too. Here, my wife and I often do not receive all of our mail.

This is a new one for me, though a call to the Postmaster this week went unreturned (I thought the Postal Service was not part of the shutdown). I will let you know what I hear. In the meantime, email me with your snail mail woes — or successes — at twieds@prescottaz.com.

Tim Wiederaenders is a former Lake Havasu City resident and an editor with the Prescott Daily Courier, a sister newspaper of Today’s News-Herald.

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