Orchids and Onions: Thursday, November 22, 2018

November 22, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the litterer. Picked up another half-eaten box of chicken wings from Safeway this morning. Thrown in the lot by Mohican/ Blackfoot. Swabbed for DNA. Hope you get caught for littering.

Orchids to the city’s maintenance and operations department that has exceptional processes for keeping our community running smoothly, including efficient logic behind street cleanups. You guys are doing great. Those who know how hard you work appreciate you.

Onions to all the snowbird onions. If you don’t like the way we drive and/or serve your needs, then go home. We were perfectly happy with the way we do things here before you came. Suck it up and quit complaining!

Onions to the dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs at the Channel.

Orchids to the pictures of the young Democrats in LHC. Many of us older Democrats live here too, and it is nice to see a younger group taking over the reins. Keep up the good work.

Onions to the sleeping in the Walmart parking lot, FYI it is not a motel/hotel, get a room. Geesh.

Onions to my friend that takes fake pictures of the fish he catches and makes them look larger than what they are to fool people. He posts them on Facebook to fool all of friends.

Orchids to HRMC ER Staff for quick relief of a symptom that was irritatingly uncomfortable to me for several days and nights. Nurse Melaina promptly solved my dilemma and cleared my physical problem in a very short time. Wow, what a relief!

Orchids to Telesis for the lock-in and for the 7th and 8th grade dance. It is nice to see schools still have things for the kids to do and affordable. My kiddos went to both and enjoyed the events. Mrs. Hayes and her Yearbook staff is amazing.

Onions to butch haircuts on women. Whatever happened to looking like a lady? It’s so unattractive when hair is shorter than a man’s. I often wonder how Floyd of Mayberry RFD is still cutting hair in 2018, where is his shop? Is Barney ever there? Has Goober fixed the fan belt? And is Andy still sheriff?

Orchids to all our wonderful full-time residents who work so hard all year for this great city and fiddlesticks to those who think Havasu would die without their two cents. Here is a news flash for you complainers — we won a big prize in Americas best cities competition. So get on board our happy train.

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