Order Of Alhambra Awards Scholarships

May 6, 2019

The Order of Alhambra, local caravan Alhamar No. 4, recently awarded three scholarships from its charity fund to Brittany Cole, a master’s student in special education at Marywood University; Amanda Curcio, a student at Misericordia University majoring in elementary education/special education and Mary Katherine Sheplock, a student at St. Joseph’s University majoring in elementary/special education. The Order of the Alhambra was founded by William Harper Bennett on Feb. 29, 1904, and is open to Catholic men and women 18 years or older. The Order of Alhambra assists intellectually disabled people and provides activities and support for special needs children and adults. The order also identifies, marks, preserves, and commemorates Catholic historical places, events and persons of international or regional importance. Locally, the caravan sings Christmas carols at St. Joseph’s Alhambra house in Scranton and White Haven Center during the Christmas season. Each year, it provides scholarships to college juniors, seniors and others preparing for a career teaching or working with the intellectually disabled. They also hold an annual festival for the intellectually disabled on Aug. 18. The order is seeking donations for this event. Donations of any amount are welcome. Donations are tax-deductible and help in Alhambra’s efforts to provide for the intellectually disabled. Donations may be made payable to Alhamar Caravan No. 4 and mailed to Alhamar Caravan No. 4, 17 Belles Ave., Ashley, PA 18706. For membership information, contact Patrick Umbra, Supreme Director, Region II, at 570-822-3597 or www.orderalhambra.org. Initial membership application cost is $155, which includes a fez or sash; annual dues are $60. First row, from left, are Amanda Curcio, Mary Katherine Sheplock, and Brittany Cole. Second row: Paul Makuch, past grand commander, Master of the Oasis; Kim Curcio, Marilyn Krall, grandmother of Mary Katherine Sheplock; Cathy Kennedy, grand commander; Patrick Umbra, supreme director, Region II; Mary Sheplock, Cathy Cole, and Francis Kennedy, vice grand commander.