Scuffle over cellphone ends in three people, including shooter, being shot in Ohio City, police say

October 2, 2018

Scuffle over cellphone ends in three people, including shooter, being shot in Ohio City, police say

CLEVELAND, Ohio — An argument over a cellphone led to three people, including the suspected shooter, getting shot Monday in the Market Square park in the middle of the popular Ohio City neighborhood, police say.

The 66-year-old suspected shooter was shot in the face during a fight over the gun, according to police. He survived the shooting, and was arrested on suspicion of felonious assault, carrying a concealed weapon, obstructing justice and possessing a weapon under disability. Formal charges have not been filed.

A 34-year-old man who was part of the initial fight that led to the shooting was arrested on suspicion of obstructing justice after he refused to speak with police, according to police reports.

The shooting happened about 9:30 pm. Monday at the small park on West 25th Street and Lorain Avenue across the street from the West Side Market and near a stretch of bars and restaurants that are among the city’s most popular.

A 36-year-old woman suffered a gunshot would to the head as she tried to break up the fight, police said. The bullet lodged in her forehead and she needed surgery to remove the bullet. She was able to give a statement to police. She is a mother of two young children, friends said at the scene Monday night. 

A 34-year-old man was shot in the chest and arm, police said. The fight started when that man, who was upset over his girlfriend breaking up with him and because he lost his cellphone, asked to use someone’s cellphone.

They argued and the 66-year-old man pulled out a knife and threatened him. A fight ensued and the 34-year-old man who ended up shot punched the other 34-year-old man in the mouth, police reports say.

The 66-year-old man left, went to his car and grabbed a handgun, police said. He returned and pointed the gun at the 34-year-old man who threw the punch, according to police.

Several people, including the 34-year-old man and the 36-year-old woman, tried to wrestle the gun away and break up the fight.

The 66-year-old man fired shots that hit the woman in the head. The 34-year-old man wrestled the 66-year-old man to the ground and the two fought over the gun, police reports say.

Someone threw a metal chair at the 66-year-old man during the scuffle.

The man fired more shots as he lay on the ground, hitting the 34-year-old man and shooting himself in the head, according to police.

Another man at the scene ran up and kicked the 66-year-old man in the head after the shooting, police reports say.

Officers flocked to the chaotic scene, according to police reports. They found the gun next to the 66-year-old man and noted that he smelled of alcohol and had a knife in his waistband.

Detectives and officers corralled witnesses, took statements, looked for surveillance video from the nearby buildings and interviewed the two gunshot victims at the hospital. The 66-year-old shooter was conscious but could only mumble incoherently, police reports say.

Officers also found four fired bullet casings at the scene.

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