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BC-Entries Fair Grounds

March 13, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$20,000, , 4YO up, 1mi 70yd.<

Candy Carlos;121;Maligator;119
Satellite;119;Cookies Are Good;119
Greeley’s Dealer;116;Point Hope;121

2nd_$17,000, cl $15,000-$10,000, 4YO up, 1mi.<

a-Miracle Mountain;120;Murry Spur;120
Good Intent;120;Keeneway;120
Honor Mission;120;Wildscore;120
Celerity;120;a-Great Sky;120


3rd_$15,000, mdn cl $12,500-$12,500, 3YO, 1mi.<

Striking Star;120;River King;120
Kubo Cat;120;Whatafind;120
Joemo;120;Don Guillermo;120
My Classic Bowtie;115;Silver Wing Jim;120

4th_$17,000, cl $15,000-$10,000, 4YO up F&M, 1mi.<

Majino;113;Harper Bee;120
Tiz Cecile;120;Pugilist;120
Tudox Lifting Off;120;Maid for Mischief;120
La Flor;116;Brenda’s Fever;120
Four Princesses;120

5th_$20,000, , 4YO up, 5½f.<

Wicked Proud;119;My Prophet;119
Hunker Down;121;Gone Lucky;119
Double Barrel Man;119;Outback Jack;123
Blue Choice;119

6th_$40,000, mdn spl wt, 3YO up F&M, 1mi.<

Run By;123;Betty Joy’s Star;116
Bing’s d’Oro;123;Cajun Music;123
Kick N Kiss;116;My Madelyns On;123
a-Elizabeth’s Music;123;Little Girls Rule;118
Emily Jo;123;She’s Our Star;123
Temple of Roses;116;Waft;123
Baby Sugar;123;a-Kaydees in Town;116
Bellamy Cay;116


7th_$21,000, cl $25,000-$20,000, 4YO up, 6f.<

Saltee Stark;120;Singinginthewind;113
Whatelse Igot Todo;120;Chimneyville;120
Geauxcro;113;My Rainey Day;113
Grand Omega;123

8th_$40,000, mdn spl wt, 3YO F, 5½f.<

Scary Animal;120;Appletini;120
Strikingly Lovely;120;Nicholesluckycharm;120
Broken Oath;120;Fides Ratio;120
Yes It’s Ginger;120;Halfway;120
Prado’s Encore;120;Hay Flo;120
Elle’s Town;120;Stephanie’s City;120
Promised Fame;120

9th_$15,000, mdn cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up, 1mi.<

You Da Man;116;El Hombre;123
Jimjeff;123;Last of the Luck;123
Aunya Ruling;123;Ronda’s Custom;116
Mira;123;Jr’s Sauvage;123
The Rayster;123;Puddin’s the Man;118

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