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On the Light Side

August 14, 1985

SHAKOPEE, Minn. (AP) _ To claim his prize of $12,020 for picking six winners at Canterbury Downs race track, the winner thought he had to search through seven bags of garbage to find the ticket he had thrown away.

But his luck held there, too. His son did the actual searching, and found the winning ticket in the second bag of garbage he poked through.

The winner - under the circumstances he prefers to remain anonymous - asked track officials if he could have the day’s garbage after he realized he had accidentally thrown away his ticket.


MILWAUKEE (AP) - A pint-sized and furry visiting Australian celebrity got a warm welcome when he turned up on a cross-country flight to headline a show.

Ayers the koala, who is being lent to Milwaukee County Zoo by the San Diego Zoo, was treated to a motorcade through downtown with Australia’s consul- general, Terence McCarthy, along for the ride.

Zoo spokeswoman Kerry Bublitz estimates that Ayers’ presence at the zoo this summer will attract 100,000 more people than usual.


CONCORD, N.C. (AP) - To the strains of the Ballad of Barney the Buffalo, the celebrated beast was taken to his new home where other buffalo roam.

Barney, a beast with a beef about staying on a livestock farm, became a local hero with the song written about him after he escaped from the farm last week. A disc jockey started a fund to raise $1,135 to buy Barney, saving him from becoming buffalo burgers, and giving him a spot at the 100-acre Buffalo Ranch tourist park.

″I don’t think he’ll be a problem,″ A.B. Cooke, owner of the ranch, said Tuesday. ″He’ll be happy, I think.″