Advan Research releases AlphaLoc: AI-powered revenue forecasts with 98% accuracy

June 5, 2018

NEW YORK, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advan Research Corporation, the leading geolocation data provider for the financial industry, released AlphaLoc™, its Machine Learning algorithm-driven revenue forecasts. The AlphaLoc Out Of Sample results improve mean analyst revenue expectations 70% of the time in the past 4 quarters, while its median forecasting error is 2%.

AlphaLoc is available in the Advan Dashboard (GUI), in the Advan Excel® function, and in daily data feeds.

“We are excited to round up our product suite with a truly turn-key tool for the financial analysts and portfolio managers, where with a single-click they can get market-beating forecasts. Combined with our coverage of 1,700 tickers and custom-location analytics, this truly demonstrates the power and breadth of geolocation data,” said Yiannis Tsiounis, Ph.D., Advan’s founder and CEO.

AlphaLoc was made possible with the help of George Zavaliagkos, Ph.D., an expert in speech recognition and machine learning, who has supervised Amazon Alexa©’s cloud Machine Learning models and was the founder of Parametros Trading, a High Frequency Trading company.

“This new era of Alternative Data stands to benefit significantly from the application of proven Machine Learning techniques, as they help materialize the intuition that analytics companies like Advan have already amassed about the underlying data and its intricacies,” said George. “We have seen material and consistent improvements over rule-based and simple regression methods and are working to add Advan’s cross-traffic and demographic features in future models to further improve the performance”.

About Advan Advan is the leader in the Big Data geolocation space, enabling participants in the financial industry to analyze foot traffic data on 1,700 entities across multiple sectors, including consumer services, energy, technology, healthcare, REITS, financials, utilities and others. Advan derives its datasets using multi parameter models that analyze cellphone location data crossed with curated geofenced areas.

Advan currently processes over 5 billion daily foot traffic measurements across over 1.5 million geofenced locations in the US and Europe with time series data ranging back to 2014. Top tier institutional investors spanning from quantitative hedge funds to fundamental asset managers have been the main consumers of Advan’s products. Advan is headquartered in New York City and maintains an office in Dublin, Ireland. For more information please visit www.advan.us

Contact Information:Advan Research Corporation+1-646-880-6656marketing@advan.us

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