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Report: Allen Seeking Disciplinary Action Against Connecticut Prosecutor

October 14, 1993

NEW YORK (AP) _ Woody Allen asked for disciplinary action Wednesday against a Connecticut prosecutor who said there was ″probable cause″ to believe that Allen molested his daughter but never filed charges, a newspaper reported.

Allen filed complaints with two Connecticut agencies accusing the state attorney in Litchfield County, Frank Maco, of misconduct in his handling of the molestation complaint, The New York Times reported in Thursday’s editions.

One complaint was filed with the state bar counsel and one with the Criminal Justice Commission, which appoints state attorneys and can discipline or dismiss them.

At a news conference Sept. 24, Maco announced he would not prosecute Allen for allegedly molesting his and Mia Farrow’s adopted eight-year-old daughter, Dylan.

Maco said there was ″probable cause″ to arrest and prosecute Allen but that he would not do so, in part to save Dylan the ordeal of a trial.

In a statement filed with the bar counsel, Daniel B. Horwitch, Allen said: ″The clear objective of Mr. Maco’s press conference was to achieve a conviction of me in the media in circumstances where he could not possibly obtain a conviction in court.″

Allen, 58, and Farrow, 48, were companions for 12 years before their bitter breakup last year, prompted by Allen’s affair with Farrow’s oldest adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, 22.

Allen was later accused of sexually fondling Dylan in an attic at Farrow’s Connecticut country house in August 1992.

Allen denied the charge and sued for custody of his and Farrow’s three children: Dylan, 5-year-old Satchel and 15-year-old Moses.

In June, a Manhattan judge awarded custody to Farrow and sharply limited Allen’s right to visit them.

A separate lawsuit filed by Farrow to nullify Allen’s adoption of Dylan and Moses is pending. Satchel is their biological child.

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