Rudimental want DJ Locksmith to play Bond villain

January 16, 2019

Rudimental star DJ Locksmith’s bandmates want him to play a James Bond villain.

The BRIT Award-nominated drum and bass group’s member - who is joined by Piers Agget, Amir Amor and Kesi Dryden in the ‘These Days’ group - revealed last year that he had launched his career in film working on projects soundtracked by his bandmates, and now they’ve tipped him to be the next Jaws or Blofeld.

Piers said: “Locksmith is the man that you’ll see in films - he has acting in his sights so you’ll see him on the screen in the near future.

“I would really love to see him play a baddie in a James Bond film, he’s really talented, or a sick Marvel character.”

Locksmith himself told the Daily Star newspaper: “I’m currently doing a couple of movies - it’s me acting personally and then the band will do the music.”

Whilst a part in a 007 movie may be quite ambitious, the band would also love to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Sam Smith, Madonna and Adele by recording a Bond theme.

Kesi added: “We could do a Bond theme tune - that would be fun.

“We might have to send the Bond producers a letter.”

Locksmith revealed in June last year, that he had secured several movie roles.

The 32-year-old star - whose real name is Leon Rolle - said: “I’m currently doing a couple of movies this year and want to integrate some music and soundtracks into that.

“It’s me acting personally and then the band will do the music so watch this space.”

However, fans of the four-piece shouldn’t worry about the movie projects taking over from their music, as Locksmith admitted his acting isn’t “as good” as the work he does with the ‘Not Giving In’ hitmakers.

He confessed: “My acting is not as good as what I do with Rudimental.

“I don’t do the stuff outside of the band as well as I do Rudimental.”

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