Letter to the editor: It’s tough to get into the hospital these days

September 23, 2018

About our health-care system:

1. You have a health problem.

2. You contact your doctor’s office to make an appointment. Even if you get a same-day appointment, in most cases you see a physician’s assistant, not your doctor. If it is determined you need tests, it takes at least a week for most results to get back to the office. Meanwhile, you can be sick and suffering.

3. More tests are needed. This involves more time. Remember, you are still hurting and suffering, so the waiting doesn’t help your mental state.

My point is, would it not be better to admit you to the hospital so you can have all the tests you need quickly so you can get the medical help you are paying for, instead of waiting at home suffering?

Doctors’ hands are tied. They have to get OKs from the insurance companies first. It’s no wonder Highmark posted a profit of $17 million in its first quarter. They have changed the way health care is managed; they do it by keeping you out of the hospital. Most of the time you are an outpatient. Even with surgery, three days is the norm. To get admitted to a hospital, having a heart attack or bleeding helps.

Mike Babincak


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