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NATO Airstrikes Hit Belgrade

April 2, 1999

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ Three loud explosions rocked downtown Belgrade early Saturday as NATO brought its airstrike to the interior of the Yugoslav capital.

Shortly after the impact, flames could be seen rising from a section of town where the Interior and Defense ministries are located.

At the Pentagon, spokesman Kenneth Bacon said, ``We can confirm that targets are being hit in downtown Belgrade.″ He provided no other details.

About 20 minutes after the impact, which came shortly before 6 p.m. EST, smoke and flames rose above the silhouette of a large block of buildings.

Blue lights of emergency vehicles could be seen flashing at the scene from a vantage point just over a mile away.

NATO has been conducting its air war against the military and security units directed by the Defense and Interior ministries. For the last few days, it has warned that it would expand its targets, saying no place in Yugoslavia would be immune from strikes.

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