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Imelda Marcos Says She Plans To Bury Husband In Philippines April 21

March 25, 1992

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ The body of former President Ferdinand Marcos will be returned from Hawaii and buried in the northern Philippines on April 21 after a nine-day wake, his widow Imelda said Wednesday.

There was no immediate comment from President Corazon Aquino. Last month, she said the Marcos family must first discuss burial arrangements before final permission for the funeral can be granted.

Marcos’ body has been kept in a temporary vault in Hawaii since he died there in September 1989, three years after his ouster in a popular uprising that elevated Aquino to the presidency.

Mrs. Aquino, citing national security, banned the body from the Philippines but relented in October 1991 on condition that the remains be interred in Marcos’ home province of Ilocos Norte instead of Manila.

The president’s national security concerns apparently stem from fears a Manila funeral could spark uncontrollable demonstrations. But critics trace her reluctance to a personal vendetta, saying Mrs. Aquino blames Marcos for the 1983 assassination of her husband, Benigno Aquino Jr.

Mrs. Marcos, who is running for president in the May 11 elections, told reporters she decided on the date for ″temporary″ burial after consulting religious and political leaders in her husband’s northern stronghold.

Mrs. Marcos has said she hopes to bury her husband eventually in the Manila area in accordance with his ″dying wish.″

Mrs. Aquino is not running for re-election.

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