TORONTO (AP) _ Disgraced hockey impresario Alan Eagleson has become the first elected member of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame to be ousted.

The organization's board of governors said today that Eagleson was expelled to uphold the reputation of the hall.

``Mr. Eagleson's admitted crimes were inextricably linked to the very reasons he was inducted into the Hall of Fame,'' the board said.

Eagleson, who once headed the players' association, was inducted in the hockey builder category in 1988.

The unanimous decision was actually reached Feb. 5, when the board of directors last met but they delayed announcing the decision to give hall officials time to inform those governors who were not at the meeting.

Eagleson is serving an 18-month jail term for defrauding Hockey Canada, the NHL, the NHL Players Association and Labatt Breweries of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He has been disbarred and been asked to surrender his Order of Canada honor. There are also calls for his ejection from the Hockey Hall of Fame.