Bellwood Lakes Needs Your Help!

April 10, 2019

The community of Bellwood Lakes was hit hard by the flood. Coverage of our story was on the front page of the Omaha World Herald on March 21 2019. Titled, “Their Platte River Dream Turned into a Nightmare” and written by Matthew Hansen, the article served as a personalized view of the widespread destruction that Bellwood Lakes has suffered.

After the water receded we realized our nightmare had only just begun. The dirt road that connected our community was all but destroyed by ice and floodwaters. On top of the damage to our homes, we found ourselves stranded - the only way to reach our houses was by boating across a lake overrun with garbage. However, we are working closely with the landowner of Bellwood Lakes, who has stated there are not enough funds to rebuild the roads, leaving it to the hardworking, blue-collar residents to pay for both their ravaged homes and the roads to reach them.

It is difficult for us to ask for help. We are a proud community... But our resources are spread thin and what little money we had could only lay an unfinished path of sand. This road is very temporary and can barely be navigated.

Reluctantly, we are asking for your help. Many of the residents remain displaced. The community of Bellwood Lakes has started a GoFundMe account that will help us pay for road materials and the machines to build a permanent road. Any amount donated, no matter how big or small, is a step toward getting our homes back. We greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

The GoFundMe fundraiser can be found at:


Donations can also be directed to the Bank of the Valley account:

“Damaged Road Fund for Bellwood Lakes”

Any questions can be directed toward Andrew Bauer at bauer0667@gmail.com