Writers Guild to meet for a book signing next month

November 29, 2018

The Writers Guild of Iroquois County was formed in February of this year.

The guild’s three founding members include Kris Condi, author and a computer science professor at Kankakee Community College, author Bill Milan and author Kelly J. McMullin.

The writers guild offers services such as publishing expertise, editing and formatting.

“We have quite a few people who show up,” said Condi. “A lot of times, people want to do something and yet, they’re too apprehensive. They don’t know how to get started.”

“It’s so hard to write and get published. We have approximately 10 people who show up every now and then, and three of us are pretty active.”

“We try to help people and look at their manuscript, trying to see how they want to go about publishing their work.”

The Writers Guild will be having a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Bourbonnais next month. “The signing is for my book, ‘N Is For Noah,’ ‘Sunshine’ for Bill and ‘Leaving Bones Behind’ and ‘With Eyes Wide Open’ for Kelly,” said Condi.

“I knew Bill from KCC and that’s how we met. He was writing and I was had written a book, and I asked him if he wanted to take a look at my first book, and that’s how we got started, critiquing each others work,” said Condi.

“We’ve been working to get publicity and book signings, and it’s difficult,” said Condi. I’ve been everywhere from the East coast to Canada on book tours for my book.”

“Writing is easy, marketing is the hard part,” said Condi. “When Bill and I do presentations at libraries, it’s the marketing, and trying to get the books on the shelves.”

We’re trying to help aspiring writers get published, and to help each other,” said Condi. We critique each others work, read our latest chapters to each other, and ask questions about how we can improve.

You can join the Writers Guild of Iroquois County, by calling 815-644-5791.

The Writers’ of Iroquois County will be meeting at Barnes & Noble (1577 Illinois Route 50, Bourbonnais), at 1 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 2.

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