CHELSEA, Mass. (AP) _ Evelyn Keenan, who is confined to a wheelchair, considers her dog her best friend. And the 56-year-old woman objects that Lucky has to be wheeled out of their apartment to comply with the landlord's rules.

Miss Keenan says she has to have the docile animal trussed up in a child's harness, tied in a wheelchair and wheeled off the grounds of the apartment complex when it has to leave the apartment. Rules say the dog may not set foot in the building's halls or on the grounds of the complex.

Miss Keenan, who was born with cerebral palsy and is paralyzed from the hips down, has the help of two aides who shop for her, clean her apartment and take out the dog.

One of the aides, Beverly Kentros, demonstrated Thursday how the dog is placed in a spare wheelchair.

Lucky was zipped up and tied down. The dog sat up straight and didn't seem to mind.

But Miss Keenan did. ''I think that's cruel to a dog,'' she said in the dim light of the clean, sparsely furnished apartment she moved into Aug. 1.

''It's a crime against the dog and against myself too. I'm being discriminated against,'' Miss Keenan said. ''The dog is my life, I have no one else. I do have a family, but my brother doesn't care for me anymore.''

Miss Keenan said she fears that if Lucky sets one paw onto the carpet outside the apartment door, the dog and Miss Keenan will be evicted.

''It's very hard to find places. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.''

Philip J. Roderick, president of Peabody Properties, which owns the 160- unit building that offers federally subsidized apartments to the elderly and the handicapped, said he is perplexed by the fuss Miss Keenan is making.

While his company's policy once prohibited pets, he said that was abandoned about three years ago when Congress voted to permit pets in federally subsidized housing for the elderly.

''Our policy changed to comply with the law,'' he said in a telephone interview. ''The pet is a very nice dog. It's a very gentle animal.''

''We accepted her and her dog. There's been no harassment from my staff. We do require a personal care attendant to transport dog from common areas outside the building and beyond the grounds, which is allowed by Congress. She was aware of it, the personal care attendant was aware of it.

''I asked the personal care attendant, 'Are you gonna be able to carry the dog? She said, 'Oh sure, I can handle it, we have a little portable device.' ''

''If I kept her out of the building I'd be breaking the law.

''The most reasonable being to date is the dog. It's a sweetheart.''