Tomball City Council to decide on renewing curfew in upcoming meetings

February 26, 2019

Before the Tomball City Council can decide if minors can stay out when they stay up after midnight, they’ll take public comments on a proposed ordinance.

The council will vote whether to keep, change or drop the ordinance during its upcoming regular meetings scheduled on March 4 and 18.

The current ordinance states the curfew would apply to minors who are 17 or younger between midnight to 6 a.m. during everyday of the week.

The curfew also applies between 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. during weekdays that is also part of the current ordinance that was previously voted on in 2016.

The daytime curfew does not apply when classes have been officially canceled.

The council will take written comments at city hall until Wednesday, Feb. 27 for the upcoming March 4 meeting.

Before the March 18 meeting, written comments can be submitted until March 13.

Residents can also sign up to speak during both of the scheduled regular meetings to give feedback on the ordinance.

The written comments can be submitted to the city secretary at 401 Market St.