Letters To The Editor 9/3/2018

September 3, 2018

Scandal sickening

Editor: Reading about these pedophile priests makes me so angry.

Any other pedophile is put behind bars, but not some of these priests. The bishops of this country just kept passing them from one parish to another, making it possible for more children to be abused. As children, we were raised to respect the parish priest with the highest esteem, never to question his behavior.

Now, we read about Bishop James Timlin allowing for a girl’s abortion after she was impregnated by a parish priest, then sympathizing with the priest for his troubles, but not offering sympathy to the young lady. Catholic bishops talk out of both sides of their mouths. We are taught to support the pro-life movement and avoid artificial birth control. Then, Timlin turns around and condones an abortion.

Reading all this has really shaken my faith. Another question: I’m sure the Bishop’s Annual Appeal amasses millions. Where does it go? The pope and bishops wonder why Catholics are leaving their parish communities in droves. It is sickening and they should all be in jail and get treatment. Leave the children alone.




Coverage praised

Editor: I commend The Times-Tribune and its reporters for top-flight coverage of the scandal of child abuse within the six Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses, including Scranton.

The coverage has brought to light what has happened regarding pedophilia and child abuse within the priesthood for many years. It is still hard to believe the cover-up by the bishops, but they did it.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s grand jury report was eye-opening to many Catholics in our area. One person interviewed by a local TV station recommended that we “pray for our priests.” Wow, she had nerve. Where are her prayers for the victims?

In my opinion, psychiatry does not help pedophilia. Sending priests for help on that issue and moving them around from church to church was like sending a firebug to work at a gas station.

I have known many good priests and as an altar boy for 12 years I assisted at Mass with the same two men until I graduated from parochial school. They were great priests and respected their calling.

Times-Tribune reporters deserve kudos for not only doing their job, but for getting it all out to the public in a factual and honest way.

Granted, some of the content about individual priests and what they did was disgusting to read, but people need to know what these priests did to children. It is just sad that it took 70 years for it to come out.

There is no other word to call it but just another cover-up within the church that has gone on far too long.



Seek forgiveness

Editor: In the wake of the news about abuse among Catholic clergy, let us not forget the countless number of priests who every day strive to comply with the promises they made at ordination.

Each of us should consider offering a prayer for the abused, the abuser, the faithful priests and for ourselves, that we will be given the grace to forgive.





Move past Russia

Editor: After reading “Russia still winning” (July 1) by George J. Motsay, M.D., I concluded that the M.D. appellation must mean miserable Democrat.

It seems that he can only see with one eye because he never sees that President Obama congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin after his victory in the 2012 Russia election. President Trump was criticized in this year for making that diplomatic move.

It seems that the Democrats want Republicans to show love, but not to show it in return. The end of his letter says of Trump, “He is just a hillbilly in a suit with a very unusual hairdo.:

Democrats will blame Trump for everything, no matter what. To me it seems that they are mad because he is winning on all fronts. Thankfully, he is not a politician because we would be headed downhill fast. When he said he will clean up the swamp, you can see he meant the Republicans also and they know he doesn’t care what you are.

So I say, get off of the subject of Russia, practice what you preach and maybe we will have a great country.





Distracting sideshow

Editor: First it was the Stormy Daniels affair.

Now, it’s an illicit affair of President Trump with an ex-housekeeper, as claimed by a doorman at Trump Tower. The infamous tabloid National Enquirer has a safe full of Trump material.

So what. All this is nothing but tabloid sensationalism. It has nothing to do with the duties of his presidency now.

Long before he was elected president and not in office, Trump was a private citizen. His love affairs did not cause a danger or a threat to national security and certainly his sex life is no cause for an impeachment. All this is a sideshow to distract and disrupt Trump from doing his job. This is the real collusion, not Russia.

Can we move on from all the hijinks, the shenanigans, the sexcapades, or whatever from the embittered camp of the Hillary losers?




Photo tells much

Editor: A photo on the front page of the Aug. 23 Times-Tribune showed President Trump talking to Sen. Bob Casey after a Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House.

If someone looked at me like that while having a conversation, I’d get away from him as fast as I could.

Trump is ready to explode mentally and heaven help us. He’s a mean and evil, self-centered person. It will take the United States a long time to be great again before he is through.

Republicans better put on their big boy pants and start reining in this deranged man. This country is in danger of being destroyed and they pander to him.



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