BEIJING (AP) _ Organizers have scrapped plans to hold bullfights in Beijing after complaints that the event would be cruel to animals, Chinese media reported Friday.

The first bullfight was to have taken place May 1 in a new 6,400-seat bullring billed as the biggest in Asia.

But members of the Beijing city council complained that the fights would be inhumane and have ``the potential to tarnish Beijing's and China's image,'' China Radio International reported. They called such events ``uncultured in Chinese tradition.''

Promoters were planning to hold Spanish-style bullfights, in which the goal is to kill the animal, according to news reports.

Instead, promoters plan to use the ring for circuses and ``tame animal performances,'' the newspaper Beijing News said.

Other critics appealed to organizers not to hold U.S.- or Canadian-style rodeos, saying bull riding and calf roping could kill or hurt the animals, according to news reports.