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May 4, 1988

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (AP) _ Students at McDonald Elementary School vowed to put their principal on the roof and up on the roof went Principal Jim Hand.

Hand was holding up his end of a bargain to sit on the roof one minute for every five pounds of aluminum cans students brought to school as part of a Keep America Beautiful campaign.

McDonald students collected 624.5 pounds of aluminum cans, which means Hand owes two hours and four minutes on the roof. Because of rain, he spent only about 15 minutes there Tuesday.

Hand finished paying his IOU on Wednesday. He went to the roof with a lawn chair, fishing pole and bucket of minnows so he could practice fishing.


CLINTON, Conn. (AP) - A group of elementary school pupils in Clinton hope to make friends and pick up pen pals among Soviet children by sending them a 64-page book they wrote about life in America.

Steven Nagler, a Yale professor who is leading a 14-day tour of five Soviet cities, intends to present the book at an elementary school along his route. The group leaves Friday.

A class of second- and third-graders at Joel Elementary School prepared the book with the help of their teacher, Robert Sepanik. Sepanik wrote the introduction and had an inscription written in Russian: ″Greetings from the children of the Joel School.″

The youngsters wrote about Clinton, their school and their families, their hobbies and interests and sports and holidays.

Nagler, whose 8-year-old daughter is in Sepanik’s class, is a social work professor at the Yale Child Study Center and is leading 50 students on a tour of child and older adult welfare programs in the Soviet Union.


LAKE WORTH, Fla. (AP) - The one thing William Ennis doesn’t want to do in a doctor’s waiting room is wait.

So when he had to wait an hour to see Dr. G. Richard Cohen of Lake Worth in August 1987, the Lantana plant nursery owner sued for $90, to compensate him for lost time.

Ennis said he had called twice to make sure that his 8:45 a.m. appointment with Cohen to discuss cornea implant surgery would be on time.

When it wasn’t, Ennis got mad.

Cohen said that he had five legitimate emergencies that morning and tried to apologize to Ennis, but didn’t get a chance.

Ennis proposed a settlement: If Cohen would donate $90 to the Lion’s Club, the matter would be forgotten. Cohen agreed to make the donation this month, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

″I did it just to avoid going to trial,″ said Cohen. ″This could cause havoc if people could sue just because they have to wait. Next they’ll be suing if they wait in line at Sears.″

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