Flathead has decisive win in Missoula

November 13, 2018

Flathead High School repeated another first-place finish with Glacier High School taking second at the Missoula Garden City Invitational speech and debate tournament on Nov. 9-10.

Flathead amassed 217.5 overall sweepstakes points, while Glacier picked up 153 and Sentinel had 122.5.

Flathead was led by 23 competitors who placed in the top three slots in various events. The Braves shut out the competition in Original Oratory and Informative Speaking, finishing first, second and third.

In Class A-B-C, Columbia Falls High School finished second with 50 sweepstakes points, edged out by Loyola’s 70. Stevensville placed third with 22.5 points.

While proud of the remarkable finish this weekend, Flathead Head Coach Shannon O’Donnell believes it is partly the result of such strong competition.

“Many of the long-standing dominant teams come from the west, like Loyola with 35 consecutive Class B titles, Columbia Falls who is seeking their 14th Class A title in a row, and crosstown rival Glacier who battles it out with Flathead for a spot in the top three each season. That degree of competition sharpens all of us,” O’Donnell said.

However, O’Donnell noted that Flathead and Glacier have yet to face off with top rival Bozeman, the powerhouse in the Eastern division.

“Bozeman is working to win their third consecutive AA state title, and they are incredibly focused and talented. Our team has a lot of season ahead of us, and a lot of work left to do,” O’ Donnell said.

Varsity Policy Debate

2. Lucas Coulter and Braden Anderson, Flathead

3.Tre Finley and Calie Jo Johnson, Columbia Falls

4. Ava Foley and Shyane Williams, Columbia Falls

6. Ian McKenzie and Maggie McKeon, Columbia Falls

Novice Policy Debate

2. Keston Depner and Isaiah Owens, Flathead

5. Lennox Niece and Sten Kruse, Glacier

7. Alexandra Houseworth and Matt Koenig, Glacier

8. Libby Schneider and Maddie Johnson, Glacier

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1. Annabelle Pukas, Flathead

2. Sierra Dilworth, Flathead

3. Malea Bauer, Glacier

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1. Emmett Aschim, Glacier

2. Mason Fauth, Glacier

3. Jillian Wynne, Flathead

4. Nick Jaffe, Glacier

6. Bella Teggeman, Glacier

Public Forum

4. Emma Steffens and Griffin Conger, Columbia Falls

5. Hannah Nikunen and Maggie Rudbach, Glacier

6. Lara Erickson and Laney Conger, Columbia Falls

7. Joselyn Jolly and Matt Glimm, Glacier

8. Hallie Nikunen and Kaitlyn Carter, Glacier

Legislative Debate

1. Melissa Roybal, Flathead

4. Jacob Beaudoin, Flathead

5. Ashlynn Cleveland, Glacier

8. Kianna Storm, Flathead

Extemporaneous Speaking

3. Reed Miller, Flathead

5. Scott O’Donnell, Flathead

7. Brooklynn Lamers, Glacier

8. Alyeska Zuckert, Glacier

Impromptu Speaking

2. Scott O’Donnell, Flathead

3. Reed Miller, Flathead

4. Galvin Ness, Glacier

5. Brooklyn Lamers, Glacier

Duo Interpretation

1. Drew Lorenc and Zach Hill, Glacier

5. Bria Anderson and Simon Hill, Glacier

7. Alix Major and Korbyn Howe, Flathead

Humorous Interpretation

2. Drew Lorenc, Glacier

5. James Francis, Flathead

6. Simon Hill, Glacier

7. Alix Major, Flathead

Dramatic Interpretation

2. Toby Diegel, Flathead

6. Jarrod Wutke, Glacier

7. Korbyn Howe, Flathead

8. Bria Anderson, Glacier

Memorized Public Address

1. Becca Cross, Glacier

2. Anna Christensen, Flathead

3. Tanis Hadwin, Flathead

4. Olivia Kalvig, Glacier

Original Oratory

1. Julia Wynne, Glacier

2. Carson Robison, Flathead

3. Sarabeth Rogge, Flathead

6. Colter Girardot, Flathead

7. Shea Siderius, Glacier

Informative Speaking

1. Savannah Metzler, Flathead

2. Bohdi Hollman, Flathead

3. Julia Wynne, Flathead

5. Kenna Vanomy, Glacier

6. John Shelton, Flathead

7. Jack Byrne, Flathead

Program Oral Interpretation

1. Sierra Riley, Glacier

2. Carson Robison, Flathead

3. James Francis, Flathead

4. Alexa Wilton, Glacier

6. Aria Scovel, Flathead

7. Asher Robinson, Glacier

8. Netty Van Allen, Flathead

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