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New York City Panel Says ‘Quiet!!’

October 15, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ The city that never sleeps may finally offer its frazzled citizens a break.

The City Council enacted a new law Tuesday that triples the fines for repeat offenders of the noise code. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is expected to sign it.

Fines for first-time violators would remain the same but repeat offenders could face double or triple the original penalty.

``New York City is never going to be a sleepy town where you hear the crickets chirping. But I think we can make it a little quieter, a little saner,″ said councilman Gifford Miller, who sponsored the bill.

Sample maximum fines for some top Big Apple annoyances: blaring nightclub music, $24,000; dogs that bay at the moon and everything else, $525; car alarms that won’t quit, $750.

``It’s a step in the right direction in making the city a bit quieter,″ said Miller.

Councilman Herbert Berman said he favored the stiffer fines for flagrant disturbance, like boom boxes and late-night carousal.

``But when you’re talking about car alarms, in many cases you could have fines that exceed the cost of the car.″

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