Lee and Whiteside County property transfers: Aug. 18, 2018

August 17, 2018

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of Aug. 6:

Warranty deeds

• Weston J. and Peggy A. Courier to James W. and Carly S. Wike, 15591 Lakeside Drive, Sterling, $298,000.

• Jeffery L. Kuchel to Robert A. and Elizabeth Whittaker, 107 13th Ave., Sterling, $160,000.

• Bryce R. Goldie to Jeremy L. and Jacelyn Wellman, 712 E. 13th St., Sterling, $77,000.

• Thomas F. and Betty M. Clementz to Richard K. Kicksey Jr., 1200 Fourth Ave., Sterling, $6,450.

• Mark and Amanda Roy to Deanna L. Schindel, 523 Barden St., Morrison, $146,000.

• Julie M. Mastny to Alyssa R. Masters, 402 S. Main St., Albany, $100,000.

• Scott E. and Jaime M. Milligan, formerly Stage and Cox, to Joshua S. Sodoro, 1303 Johnson Ave., Sterling, $88,900.

• Cheryl R. Klocke, Sandra L. Miller, and Kevin R. Janssen to Craig L. and Marilyn R. Janssen, 11091 Feldman Road, Morrison, and eight other parcels in Lyndon Township, $2.235 million.

• Dianna M. Remour to Melissa L. Remour and Michael K. Vanzuiden, 1060 Bunker Road, Albany, $0.

• Donita M. Finch and Susan M. Moy to Matthew N. Habben, 23250 Luther Road, Sterling, $22,000.

• Charles and Carey Miller to Brijesh P. and Amiben Patel, 2211 16th Ave., Sterling, $127,000.

• Jose E. and Maria S. Camacho to Erica Camacho, 511 W. Fourth St., Rock Falls, $28,000.

• Eric Staples to Prophetstown Equipment Inc., 1705 17th Ave., Sterling, $117,500.

• Shirk Family Properties LLC to Shirk Family Properties LLC and Joseph I. Wells, 2313 E. Lincolnway, $0.

• Shirk Family Properties LLC and Joseph I. Wells to Wellsie Properties LLC, 2313 E. Lincolnway, Sterling, $135,000.

• Andy J. Widener Jr. and Annette S. Widener to Corporation of Capital Inc., 16136 Strawberry Road, Morrison, $117,000.

• Jason D. and Amanda E. Zelle to Ben S. and Marla J. Rhodes, 27715 Buena Vista Drive, Rock Falls, $159,000.

• Terry and Abby Cox, formerly known as Howell, to Jeffrey and Michelle Phillips, 5009 Spruce St., Galt, $138,000.

• Fred M. and Linda Shamon to Barbara A. Belha Trust, 716 Milnes Drive, Morrison, $175,000.

• Colona Homes LC to Perene Properties I LLC, 1507 W. Rock Falls Road, Rock Falls, $325,000.

Quit claim deeds

• Timothy S. Hibbard to Timothy S. and June L. Hibbard, 16770 Hoover Road, Sterling, $0.

• Russell J. Willoughby Jr., Robb Case Willoughby, Richard C. and Barbara H. Willoughby, and Steven H. and Heidi Adam Willoughby to Fulton Corp.,303 Eighth Ave., Fulton, $0.

• Craig L. Janssen to Craig L. and Marilyn R. Janssen, 11091 Feldman Road, Morrison, and eight other parcels in Lyndon Township, $0.

• Martin Schaefer and Larry Yonk to Martin Schaefer, 715 Grace Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

• Pedro Adrian Ramos Sr. to Edna Ramos, 803 Dillon Ave., Sterling, and one parcel in Sterling, $0.

Trustee’s deed

• Corliss J. Kerr Trust to Jane A., Duane R., and Pamela R. Kerr and Robert T. Baker, 22584 Carroll Road, Morrison, and seven other parcels in Clyde Township, $0.


• Whiteside County Sheriff and Daniel J. Hagen to Community State Bank Morrison, 307 W. Third Ave., Lyndon, $0.

• L. Caryl Westlund and foreclosure commissioner to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 332 Tree Lane, Prophetstown, $54,389.

• Kathleen J. Luebke, now McFalls, to Select Employees Credit Union, 902 W. 23rd St., Sterling, $0.

• Whiteside County Sheriff and Jason Stringer to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 517 E. 26th St., Sterling, $0.

• Whiteside County Sheriff and Scott A. and Jodie Lynn Jones, also known as Burden, to U.S. Bank, trustee, 3200 Stern Road, Erie, $0.

• Whiteside County Sheriff, Robert K. Allison Estate, Robert Allison III, Cassandra Sawyer, Joyce A. Doyle, Edward J.. Allison, Judith Rippy Allison, and Robert K. Allison Jr. Heirs to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 400 Grace Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Source: Whiteside

County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of Aug. 6:

Warranty deeds

• Michael J. Reinhardt, Kelly L. Flessner, attorney in fact, to Alejandro Diaz Jr. and Veronica Silva, block 26, lot 8, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $8,000.

• Angela M.and Steven P. Reed to Derek and Kim Maranda, block 13, lot 8, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,000.

• Charles Pedersen to Jason Timothy and Serafina Spaargaren, block 14, lot 82, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

• Clyde, Gail and Clyde Collins Jr. to Robert D. Starke and Donna M. Starke-Hoffman, block 28, lot 16, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

• Ruben Pequeno to Ashley and Baldwin Bump, block 15, lot 172, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

• Diana and Frank Mylan to Daniel T. Countryman and Jennifer L. Krantz, 246 Flagg St., Paw Paw, $67,900.

• Brian J. and Deborah J. Harris to James A. and Janet S. Nagel, 200 S. John St., Sublette, $92,500.

• Thomas E. and Valentine M. Allison and George W. Sobyra to Lissette and Jessie Wilson Jr., block 24, lot 211, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

• Heather E. and Stephen D. Palmer to Sherry F. and Jerry W. Catt Jr., 1909 W. Leopard Drive, Dixon, $500,000.

• Kathryn R. Lich to Anna Hussung and Jeremy Jahn, 868 Hahn Ave., Dixon, $284,000.

• MTGLQ Investors LP to Emily and Lucas Zimmerman, 126 S. Davis Ave., Amboy, $40,500.

• White Oak Estates Inc. to Michael F. Thomas, two parcels in Dixon Township, $6,000.

• Ashlee and Stephen C. Gurley to Abelardo and Enecita Antolin, 802 Sheridan Ave., Dixon, $55,000.

• Carol J. Jones and Sandra K. Reinhold to Brady C. Newman, 1407 Hemlock Ave., Dixon, $67,000.

• Clifton D. Noble to Kelli M. Gorse and Emmitt J. Hicks, 1297 Amboy Road, Amboy, $140,000.

• Luis M. and Susana Tirado to Elvis Salinas, block 6, lot 17, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

• Alixa Rodriguez to Cristina Garcia, block 5, lots 266 and 267, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,800.

• Alan R. and Diane M. Lange to John P. and Julie A. Kenney, block 22, lot 145, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

• Brian W. and Michelle A. Krause to Charles E. Bressler and Shelby N. Hulett, block 16, lots 116 and 117, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $40,000.

• Michael J. Nagy to Casondra B.L. Near, 1105 S. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $84,000.

• Stacy M. and Stephen D. Noble to Tommy Nauman and Daryl Stuckemeyer, 324 S. Madison Ave., Amboy, $9,500.

• Jonna D. Russell to Michael J. Sandoval, 418 E. Third St., Dixon, $69,000.

• Medhat Sbeih to Ben Mershon, 906 Main St., Ashton, $36,500.

• William T. Boyle to Brenda and Daniel Boyle, 177 Atkinson Road, Walnut, $0.

• Keith and Katherine J. Hobson, formerly Anson, to Daria B. and Lucas M. Brainerd, 421 Brooks Place, Dixon, $195,000.

Quit claim deeds

• Ibrahim Abuhammuda to Medhat Sbeih, 906 Main St., Ashton, $0.

• Dale Wells to Dale A. and Megan R. Wells, 805 Cartwright Ave., Ashton, $0.

• Nathan D. Lauzon to Laura Ann and Nathan D. Lauzon, 527 E. Chamberlin St., Dixon, $0.

• CLS Consulting Group Inc. to Cherry Patterson, block 5, lot 33, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• Dean P., Dennis J., Don J., Doug G., Hugh A., and Leo J. McCoy to Irish Acra LLC, one parcel in Mari on Township, $0.

• Traci Lamon to Traci Lamon and Wesley Rolseth, block 14, lot 25, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• Junior R. and Margaret J. Spradlin Revocable Trust, Margaret H. Spradlin, trustee, to Miguel Meraz and Damaris Vazquez, block 7, lot 183, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $8,000.

• Robert J. Lauer Trust, Kevin L. and Scott K. Shaw, co-trustees, to Kathryn Sue and Kevin Lee Chesley, 800 W. Virginia St., Sublette, $145,000.

Executor’s deed

• Estate of Marjorie Murphy, Elton Murphy, executor, to Dawn M. Grotti and Barbara A. Sweger, trustees, two parcels in May Township, $0.

Sheriff’s deeds

• Dawn E. and Michael A. Freude and Lee County Sheriff to Bank of America, 226 S. Elm St., Franklin Grove, $0.

• Lee County Sheriff and Jack K. Schauble to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 2786 Beemerville Road, Compton, $0.

• Brandon Fowler and Lee County Sheriff to U.S. Bank, 133 W. Main St., Amboy, $0.

Lease agreement

• Jeslie R. Jones to Solamerica Energy LLC, two parcels in Amboy Township, $0.


• Estate of Giuseppe Vitale, Darlene Vitale, independent representative, and Vincenzo Vitale, to Marguerita Attig and Carolina and Darlene Vitale, 601, 531, and 533 Vitale St., and 119 and 123 S. Peoria St., all in Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

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