Nearly 3,000 Customers Lose Power in Longmont After Line Goes Down

July 30, 2018

Longmont Times-Call

Longmont Power and Communication crews were working to get power restored for more than 1,300 customers mid-morning on Monday.

A main distribution line went down at Third Avenue and Hover Street earlier Monday, according to Layra Nicli, communications and marketing manager for the city department.

At the outage’s peak, more than 2,700 customers in northwest Longmont, out to Hygiene, were without power.

Longmont police also were directing traffic at multiple locations because of the outages, including the intersections of Ninth Avenue and Hover Street, 75th and Hover streets, and Ninth Avenue and Airport Road, according to a Longmont dispatcher.

By 10 a.m. Monday, the breaker had been closed and the main issue fixed, Nicli said. However, the department still has to figure out what took the line down earlier.

Right now, crews are focused on restoring power to those who remain without it. Usually, power is restored within an hour, Nicli said, but because this outage was caused by a downed line, the restoration time is unknown.

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