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Groom’s Cold Feet Turn Wedding Reception Into Party for Homeless

June 14, 1990

NORWALK, Conn. (AP) _ A bride-to-be whose fiance got cold feet has decided to hold the reception anyway - and invite the homeless.

Kathleen Gooley, 41, said she stood to lose the caterer’s $4,000 non- refundable deposit when her husband-to-be backed out of the June 23 wedding.

″The money is tied up anyway,″ she said. ″Why not give it to the needy?″

Her best friend and would-be maid of honor, Rinda Farnham, contacted homeless shelters and drug rehabilitation clinics. So far, about 30 people are on the guest list, and there is room for 118.

″I hope we can make people who are less fortunate have a nice dinner and a nice day,″ said Farnham.