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Town Recuperates From Dejected Lover’s Bulldozer Rampage

July 19, 1991

HEEMSKERK, Netherlands (AP) _ A lovelorn suitor went on a rampage with a bulldozer and smashed about 50 cars before ramming a house where his former girlfriend was hiding.

The 28-year-old man toppled stoplights, tore up streets and crumpled cars that burst into flames along the four-mile swath of destruction he cut on Thursday. Authorities put the damages at about $500,000.

″He knocked down almost everything in sight,″ police spokesman Hans Kamphuis said today. ″It’s a mess.″

The man and his girlfriend had lived together for a year and a half when the man, who operated the bulldozer for a local subcontractor, broke off the relationship last week, Kamphuis said.

″But he saw her walking somewhere that afternoon and something got him mad, so he went and had some beers and went to get his bulldozer,″ the officer said.

But when the 34-year-old local woman refused his entreaties to come out of her sister’s house and make up, the man rammed the home three times, flattening the front porch, Kamphuis said. He then surrendered to police.

The man, who was not identified in line with Dutch police procedure, was charged with vandalism, theft and threatening bodily harm.

He was also fired by the construction company on the spot.

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