DOT plans fall finish for remaining Lawrence County road projects

October 13, 2018

DEADWOOD — State highway officials say four Department of Transportation (DOT) road projects currently in progress in Lawrence County will finish up within the next month or so.

Steve Palmer, engineering supervisor for the DOT, said the Boulder Canyon, Acorn Ridge Road, and Spearfish Canyon projects, along with one near Whitewood, currently being worked on will soon button up for the winter.

“These projects involve a lot of maintenance-type work, not resurfacing or reconstruction,” Palmer said.

The $390,000 Boulder Canyon project is designed to mitigate erosion control along the road shoulder and is comprised of 9,000 feet of curb and gutter.

“Just shy of two miles, scattered in a few different locations,” Palmer said. “The finish date is listed as Nov. 16, but that one will likely finish up next year. What’s been opened up will be finished this year, though.”

Palmer said that rain- and snow-melt eat out the gravel, slowly making a trough that grows bigger and bigger.

“But it can be controlled with curb and gutter,” he added.

Also an erosion control mission, is a $63,000 project located along Interstate 90 approximately one and one-quarter miles west of Whitewood.

“There’s a lot of channel erosion coming out of a pipe that they need to get down there and repair,” Palmer said. “That one is due to be completed by Oct. 15, so that one’s coming right up.”

Another project that was already planned for the summer of 2018 was expanded, following weather-related events.

A $145,000 tree clean-up project in Spearfish Canyon was bumped up to $245,000.

“Originally, we already intended to go in there and clean up the dead and hazardous trees, and clean or cut up what was already down on the ground,” Palmer said. “When the tornado and the straight-line winds came through, we added some more there, in order to take out some big trees, ones that were tipped down, too, just to make sure they don’t end up on the roadway or on any vehicles.”

And last, but not least, Palmer said the state is doing contract administration on a county structure, a $498,000 bridge replacement.

“Acorn Ridge Road over Polo Creek. We took out the old bridge and are putting in a new 48-foot box culvert and they just started backfilling,” he said. “This will actually be county, state, and federal funds. The old bridge met its service life.”

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