Ambulance authority offers training in stopping bleeding wounds

November 27, 2018

Farm accidents. Occupational injuries. Car crashes.

Your mind doesn’t have to go straight to mass shootings to justify taking advantage of a new service being offered by the Three Rivers Ambulance Authority, also known as TRAA.

So says Ben Goldsberry, director of clinical services for the ambulance authority, which today rolled out STOP the Bleed, a new nationwide program. It is supported by the Department of Homeland Security to train people how to buy time if someone near them sustains a bleeding wound.

STOP the Bleed “came about because of mass shootings where they found people were dying before rescuers could get there,” Goldsberry said after a demonstration of staunching a wound using a specially designed kit.

“There are some pretty simple techniques we can use, and we’re offering to come to groups and provide training,” he said.



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