DIP, EAT, REPEAT: New food truck pairs juicy burgers with gooey cheese dipping sauce

May 24, 2019

POCATELLO — From the local couple who brought you more than a dozen chef-inspired gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches served from a food truck called The Melt comes a second mobile food wagon.

Called Dunk Burger, Angeline and Greg Underwood’s latest food truck is serving up juicy hand-pressed burgers accompanied by a boatload of gooey aged cheddar cheese.

“The concept is basically you get this humongous burger and a boat of aged cheddar cheese sauce for your dunking pleasure,” Angeline said. “During our soft opening a few weeks ago, people were just covered in cheese and laughing. The back of the menus are like an airplane safety manual. It’s supposed to be a super fun, interactive burger experience that is unique and new to Pocatello.”

After launching The Melt last summer, which quickly grew from a handful of grilled cheese sandwiches to now boasting over a dozen cheesy creations, the Underwoods wanted to replicate their success with some type of burger joint.

“We’ve wanted to put out a burger for a long time, and three months ago we had thought about opening a second food truck to accommodate the new menu items we were cooking up,” Angeline said. “We wanted to do crazy different options like a chorizo shrimp, all-American, and a whiskey burger, but it just didn’t feel right because we didn’t want to compete with the million other burger joints that are in town. We wanted to do something different that Pocatello would embrace and would also pair up nicely with The Melt.”

The Underwoods are keeping it simple at Dunk Burger, for now. Currently, the food truck offers two types of burgers. The Dunk Burger is a double patty cheeseburger topped with chopped pickles, red onions and a house-made secret spread. The Double Dunk Stack is two Dunk Burgers stacked together.

“The Double Dunk Stack is two full double patty burgers, so it’s a total of four patties and four buns,” Angeline said.

“Literally, the first burger we sold off the truck was that Double Dunk action.”

For a few extra dollars, patrons can upgrade their burger into a meal, which includes the choice of house-seasoned truffle Parmesan or tangy salt and vinegar kettle chips and a savory garlic pickle spear.

And for those who want to take the boatload of aged-cheddar cheese dipping sauce to the next level, they can load the sauce with chopped bacon bits, Gorgonzola crumbles and chopped pickled jalapenos for a dollar each. Vegan burgers are also available by request.

After ordering, Dunk Burger provides straightforward eating techniques — dip, eat and repeat.

For the time being, Dunk Burger is exclusively located at Jim Dandy Brewing on the corner of East Lander and North Second Avenue every Saturday evening. The Melt is at Jim Dandy’s every Wednesday and serves the employees at the Idaho Central Credit Union headquarters in Chubbuck every Friday afternoon. It’s at Wanderlust on Hurley Drive every Friday night.

On top of operating two businesses out of one truck, Angeline teaches full-time in the Communication Media and Persuasion Department at Idaho State University. Greg and Angeline also flip houses as a side job.

As a couple who has always wanted to go into business for themselves, with opening a restaurant atop the list of potential enterprises, serving food out of a truck was the first logical step, Angeline said.

“We have always wanted to open a restaurant since we got married in 2005,” she said. “It is just much more cost-effective to open a food truck when you are starting out because the overhead is so much smaller. And we just love the food truck culture.”

Not just the culture, the Underwoods love the freedom and flexibility a small mobile restaurant on wheels provides.

“If you want to branch out with a whole new menu, like we are now, it is much more difficult to do when you’re operating a full-scale restaurant,” Angeline said. “With the food truck, you have so much more freedom to change and add food items.”

And as the food truck scene continues to grow in Pocatello, Greg and Angeline hope their bohemian-esque concoctions continue to attract Gate City residents for years to come. Who knows what they will come up with next?

“There are a ton of options for different stuff to do out of a food truck in Pocatello,” Angeline said. “We really don’t want to compete with anybody. You can go and get a burger or a grilled cheese and soup anywhere. We want to do stuff that is crazy, outlandish, super fun and unique for Pocatello’s food truck culture.

She continued, “Stay tuned, you could soon see a fleet of food trucks here in Pocatello from a cousin of Dunk Burger that serves tacos to a mobile brick-oven pizza truck. For us, the options are endless.”

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