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Glitter, Stars Draw Determined Fans With PM-Oscars

March 26, 1985

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Hollywood glamour was back with glitter and sequins and satin, and the sweat-shirted crowd that camped out for hours reveled in brief glimpses of favorite film stars outside the 57th annual Academy Awards.

But the biggest roars of recognition Monday evening went not to film world stars but to singer Diana Ross, television’s Tom Selleck and rock dynamo Prince, who wore a glittering purple hooded outfit and carried a flower as he swept rapidly into the Music Center.

Screams of delight greeted the 26-year-old rocker, drowning out the comments of eventual best actor winner F. Murray Abraham, a star of ″Amadeus.″ Prince later won the original score Oscar for ″Purple Rain″ in which he starred.

Some fans stayed out all night on rough-hewn bleacher benches or traveled thousands of miles to see the celebrities.

″The only way to get good seats is to spend the night,″ said high school student Ted DeLeon, 16, who cut class to see the stars arrive. He and Faith Weiser, 24, and Poe Warta, 21, had arrived at 2 p.m. Sunday.

″Next year, we’ll come here at 8 a.m.,″ said Ms. Weiser, who said she and DeLeon have attended the Academy Awards outside for the last five years.

Latecomers offered them money for their seats, but ″these seats are worth more than money,″ DeLeon said.

Although security guards forcibly removed some latecomers who blocked others’ views, county sheriff’s Deputy Lynda Edmonds said there were no arrests.

Marie Heistand, 54, of Utica, N.Y., was among many anxious to see Sally Field, who later picked up her second best actress Oscar for ″Places in the Heart.″ She won her first in 1979 for ″Norma Rae.″

Miss Field told perennial Oscar night announcer Army Archerd that she was nervous despite her earlier win.

″I was sort of numb then,″ she said. ″This time I’m really feeling it.″

Singer and songwriter Phil Collins was another popular celebrity. The crowd chanted ″Let Phil sing,″ knowing that Ann Reinking was going to sing Collins’ song during the ceremony.

″My song is ‘Against All Odds,’ which is probably against all odds, but we’re here to enjoy ourselves,″ said Collins, who wiggled suggestively for the crowd. Stevie Wonder’s ″I Just Called To Say I Love You,″ won the Oscar.

Archerd noted that Selleck had flown from Hawaii to co-host the awards show, but some fans traveled even further for a brief sight of a superstar.

Rosalie Swartz, 50, timed her trip from Haifa, Israel, to coincide with the Oscars while Aldwin Ali, 39, from the Caribbean island of Trinidad, said he flew from Miami to Los Angeles just for the night to see the ceremony.

Meanwhile, some stars barely got to the ceremonies on time.

Arriving with only three minutes to spare were a clean-shaven Sam Waterston and Haing S. Ngor, who embraced as they met. Ngor won as best supporting actor, while Waterston lost as best actor for their roles in ″The Killing Fields.″

Most of the men wore tuxedos while the women opted for glitter, gold lame, sequins, lace and satiny gowns.

An exception was singer Appollonia, a Prince protegee, who wore a purple harem-type, bare-midriff outfit with a sequin-studded veil covering her face but not her purple-tinged hair.

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