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March 2, 1995

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Dee Dee Myers is striking back, and she’s getting a kick out of it.

``The press never hesitates to pontificate about what’s wrong in Washington,″ President Clinton’s former press secretary said Wednesday. ``Now that I’m on the outside, I can pontificate about what’s wrong with the press, and I’ll tell you, I’m having a great time.″

Myers, who resigned in December, proceeded to pontificate about what she called an increasingly negative media. In a speech at the University of Nevada, she recited what she sees as the rules of the trade:

``No. 1: Be first rather than right. No. 2: Never let the facts stand in the way of a good story. No. 3: When in doubt analyze, and No. 4: Good news is no news, so create conflict.″

Myers has a stint on CNBC’s ``Equal Time″ show this month with one-time nemesis Mary Matalin, of President Bush’s 1992 re-election campaign.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ The Rush is back on for Limbaugh fans who want their hero’s jowly mug on a T-shirt or a coffee cup.

Current Events, a store catering to fans of the conservative talk show host, reopened in a new location Thursday, two months after it was picketed at a mall and lost its lease.

``We’ve had people pounding on our doors already,″ owner Bill Khourie said Wednesday amid the Rush shirts, baseball caps and ``Rush Is Right″ bumper stickers.

The protesters don’t plan to return.

``I don’t think we could accomplish anything else,″ said organizer Steve Rosenberg. ``We still feel strongly that Rush Limbaugh is a demagogue, but we are not planning to take action.″


LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Well, Bruce, they don’t call love a roller coaster for nothing.

``What a drama all that was!″ Bruce Boxleitner said of the months leading up to his marriage to Melissa Gilbert.

The wedding earlier this year came as a surprise to many because Gilbert had been featured in a fall issue of TV Guide lamenting their break-up.

Boxleitner, 44, who plays the captain on the science fiction series ``Babylon Five,″ gallantly took the blame.

``Basically, I think, it was just a guy named Boxleitner (who) had feet of clay there for awhile. But he came to his senses and couldn’t be happier,″ he said in an interview Tuesday.

He called Gilbert ``a terrific woman that I really couldn’t let get away.″


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NEW YORK (AP) _ Flying was a too much of a thriller for Michael Jackson. Until he looked fear in the cockpit.

The 36-year-old singer’s fear of flying was allayed by the chairman of Sony Corp. of America, who took Jackson into the cockpits of corporate jets.

Michael P. Schulhof, a licensed commercial pilot, heard about Jackson’s trepidation several years ago and began inviting him into Sony airplanes. He demonstrated safety features and showed Jackson how jets operate.

Jackson agent Sandy Fallin said in the March 5 issue of Parade magazine that that ``was instrumental in helping Michael overcome his fear.″

And Schulhof was protecting his investment: Jackson records for Sony’s Epic label.


NEW YORK (AP) _ Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has a new namesake in New York.

The Board of Education on Thursday renamed a school the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School for International Careers. It was formerly the Midtown High School for International Careers.

Last summer, one of Mrs. Onassis’ favorite New York spots, the Central Park reservoir, was named after her. Mrs. Onassis died in May.

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