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Two Black Lawmakers Protest Singing Of ‘Dixie’ In State House

April 7, 1989

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) _ A visiting beauty queen sang ″Dixie″ in the Alabama House, prompting two black lawmakers to walk out in protest.

State Rep. A.J. Blake invited Lisa Delaine Dickmann of Springville to perform Thursday during a short recess. Blake said Miss Dickmann is Pell City’s representative to the Miss Alabama Pageant. Blake and Miss Dickmann are white.

Miss Dickmann began singing ″Dixie,″ the song of the old slave-holding South, and state Reps. Alvin Holmes and Demetrius Newton walked out the door.

″I was not going to sit here and hear her sing ’Dixie,‴ Holmes said.

Other black House members remained in the House Chamber with white lawmakers who applauded at the end of Miss Dickmann’s performance.

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