Editorial: Incredibly close race deserves your vote

November 6, 2018
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Tony Evers

Sometimes an election might seem like a foregone conclusion. One candidate in the most prominent race on the ballot is way ahead of the other in the polls. So you might think your vote doesn’t matter.

That’s definitely not the case today. Precisely the same number of respondents in the final Marquette Law School poll last week said they planned to vote for Republican Gov. Scott Walker as those who said they’ll cast ballots for his Democratic challenger, Tony Evers.

That doesn’t happen often. And it suggests an incredibly close race that could go either way. So turnout will be key when the polls open at 7 a.m. across Wisconsin.

Get involved. Don’t miss this opportunity to vote on the future of your state and nation.

No matter which candidates you support, we urge you to vote today because an engaged electorate helps ensure that government is representative of, and responsible to, the people.

Voting should only take a few minutes at most polling places. And a lot more is at stake than the governor’s office, attorney general and a U.S. Senate seat. More than 100 seats in the Legislature are up for grabs, including several hotly contested races in southwest Wisconsin.

At the same time, voters in 16 counties and two cities will advise state leaders on legalizing marijuana. Dozens of school districts including Middleton, Monona, Dodgeville and Whitewater are asking voters to approve school building referendums or higher spending authority.

Your vote truly matters. It will make a difference. Go to the polls now and have your say.

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