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Suspect Differs From Typical Serial Killer Profile With AM-Strangulations, Bjt;

March 15, 1994

Suspect Differs From Typical Serial Killer Profile With AM-Strangulations, Bjt; AM-Strangulations-Victims

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) _ A man accused of strangling 10 women differs from the usual profile of serial killers in several important ways, criminologists said Monday.

Henry Louis Wallace, 28, is charged with 10 counts of murder. Police say he was an intelligent, outgoing man who knew all of his victims.

″It’s unusual for a serial killer to murder people he knows, they usually target strangers,″ said James Alan Fox, dean of the college of criminal justice at Northeastern University. ″Usually that increases the chances of getting caught.″

Most serial killers are white males in their 30s. There have been cases of black serial killers, Fox said, but since their victims are usually black these cases don’t get a lot of attention. Wallace is black.

″If there are a number of white victims, the police response tends to be greater,″ he said. ″That’s because black crime doesn’t get as much attention.″

Fox, who has been studying serial killers since 1980, said allegations that Wallace was a crack cocaine addict also are unusual. ″Drugs are uncommon,″ he said. ″We’re usually dealing with cool-headed individuals, careful methodical predators.″

Wallace does share some traits with the typical serial killer, however. One is how he allegedly killed his victims.

″These people rarely use guns because it takes away the pleasure they get from squeezing the last breath out of their victims,″ Fox said. ″It makes them feel dominant, superior.″

University of North Carolina-Charlotte criminologist Richard Lumb said that it’s typical for serial killers to live near their victims and to have a job, like Wallace. He also said several serial killers have had friendly personalities like Wallace’s.


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