Improvements coming to county bridges

November 16, 2018

La PORTE – Discussion of bridges and construction materials were the only items on the agenda for the La Porte County Board of Commissioners on Wednesday, so the entire meeting took about 10 minutes.

County Engineer Jay Sullivan said the Otis Road bridge, adjacent to the historical Lincoln Bridge, was studied for possible installation of new culverts. Investigators found an old wingwall, a smaller wall attached to a larger wall or structure that diverts the water under the bridge from the old Lincoln Bridge.

This wingwall had been hidden by the existing culverts, and was not noticed until the investigation.

The La Porte County Historical Society does not want new culverts to be put in, so to replace the existing ones will require spanning the creek with an actual bridge, according to Sullivan.

The work will cost $23,000, $4,000 of which will be provided by the county.

In addition, the U.S. 35 overpass, next to the courthouse in La Porte, is in need of new lighting.

INDOT will be responsible for the lighting, which will feature modern, more efficient LEDs. The county is responsible for paying the electric bill, but will save money due to the efficiency of the new lighting.

The Highway Department also shared material bid recommendations for the 2019 year:

• U.S. Aggregates will be the primary bidder for supplying crushed limestone, while patching materials will be supplied by Reith-Riley. For crushed slag, the county went with Phoenix Services. Gravel will be supplied by Ozinga.

• Diesel fuel and E-85 has three bidders, Triple J-Mar, Rackham and Co-Alliance, all of which will be used in the coming year. Sullivan said the county will look up prices when fuel is needed, and will go with the lowest prices at the time, which will vary between the three companies.

In closing, the commissioners thanked veterans for their service. On Nov. 24, there will be a recognition medal ceremony for veterans, which will begin at 10 a.m. in Suite 202 at 555 Michigan Ave.

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