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February 13, 1987

BEACON, N.Y. (AP) _ Yo, Beacon. Sly Stallone may be coming to town.

The rumor is that the star of the ″Rambo″ and ″Rocky″ movies is looking for a getaway home here, but some residents are not impressed.

″We’ve already got our national celebrities,″ said Dave Burke, owner of Bob’s Corner Store. ″We’ve got Melio Bettina and Digger Phelps.″

Bettina is a former boxing champion, Phelps is Notre Dame basketball coach, and both are Beacon natives.

″Sylvester Stallone who?″ asked Alice DeGroat after handing her state lottery ticket to Georgia Joseph, a clerk behind the counter at Bob’s. ″Oh, Rocky. Sure, let him come here. The more the better.″

Daniel C. Nelson, a New York City developer, said Stallone has visited Dutchess County to look at property Nelson wants to develop.

The Mid-Hudson Vietnam Veterans Outreach Center in Beacon got a $500 check from Stallone earlier this week. The check was delivered by Jonathan Slocum, former owner of Nelson’s property, who got the check from Nelson.

Nelson said the check was Stallone’s attempt to ″right a situation.″ Several weeks ago the veterans had received only an autographed photo in response to their request for a donation.


HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) - One thing you can say about pop stars on tour is that they don’t travel light.

When Paul Simon flew into Zimbabwe on Friday he was accompanied by several black South African musicians, but most of the tour’s baggage was already here.

It weighs 16 tons and is worth $2.2 million.

Simon is here for concerts Saturday and Sunday based on his best-selling album, ″Graceland,″ and the equipment is needed to record a video of the tour.

Simon was accompanied by South African singer Miriam Makeba, trumpeter Hugh Masekela and the choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, featured on ″Graceland.″ The album has been nominated for four Grammy awards, including album of the year.

Simon’s manager, Andrew Zweck, said he expected Harare’s 45,000-seat soccer stadium to sell out. The musicians have waived fees for the local concerts, part of a three-continent tour, and proceeds will go to charities that benefit lepers, cripples and orphans.

Simon was briefly blacklisted by the United Nations after being accused of violating a cultural boycott of South Africa when he made part of ″Graceland″ at a Johannesburg studio. The ban was dropped when he reaffirmed his opposition to the system of apartheid, or racial separation.


TOWSON, Md. (AP) - As politician-in-residence at Goucher College, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend will be doing a lot of what politicians usually do. But it may sound a bit academic.

The daughter of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy won’t be making speeches, taking meetings or pressing the flesh, but she will be delivering lectures, holding seminars and introducing herself to students and faculty, Goucher announced Thursday.

Her first lecture, due Feb. 25, is titled, ″Can You Call it Courage? Political Commitment in a Passive Era.″

Goucher’s first politician-in-residence was recently appointed to the Baltimore County Economic Development Commission after losing a tight congressional race to Republican Rep. Helen Delich Bentley in November.


LONDON (AP) - Boy George, the Culture Club singer known for his androgynous dress and pancake makeup, admitted at a drug trial that he lies to the media.

In testimony at London’s Knightsbridge Crown Court, Boy George also said he bought heroin at the apartment of Steven Luben, 35, and Diane Fiener, 34, who have pleaded innocent to charges of supplying heroin to unidentified people.

″Why should I tell about my life to the press and be truthful?″ the singer asked when an attorney queried him Thursday about contradictory reports on the extent of his drug addiction last year.

Boy George, whose real name is George O’Dowd, was convicted and fined about $370 last summer for possessing heroin. He was arrested again Dec. 20 on suspected drug offenses, but has not been charged.

″Boy George was a likely target because his wealth was such that he could afford to pay. Feiner and Luben fastened on to him like leeches,″ prosecutor David Bate said at the opening of the trial.

″The law blames Luben and Feiner. I don’t blame them. I’m not a policeman,″ Boy George said. ″I don’t want anyone else to take the blame for what I have done or have been through,″ he said.


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Sophia Marie Bowen, Georgia’s entry in the Miss USA pageant, said she heard other contestants say they thought she’d win, but until the Miss Photogenic award was announced she didn’t believe it.

The brown-haired, green-eyed model and fitness instructor was voted most photogenic of the 52 Miss USA contestants Thursday night by photographers.

″The whole key is being positive; I try to be positive about everything,″ she said.

The 5-foot-10 Marietta resident said the award was meaningful even though it has no bearing on the selection of Miss USA. The pageant’s finals are Tuesday.

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