Surprise Find

December 6, 2018

A man from the Netherlands obviously has a pretty keen eye, as a painting he picked up at a thrift store for $85 just fetched $34,025 on the auction block.

According to the Telegraaf, Henk Laarmans took his nearly $90 painting to an expert, who identified it as A Sunny Day in the Dunes, a pointillist work from Johan Aarts. The artist was born in 1871 died in 1934 -- so the expert believed Laarmans made a pretty substantial find.

Sure enough, Laarmans took the work to NRC Auctions, and when the hammer fell, his thrift store find went for more than $34 grand.

The painting, which auctioneer Piet van Winden described as, “a delightful stop between Van Gogh and Mondrian,” now belongs to a Dutch collector who remained anonymous.

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