Spearfish offers free pet tag week

December 30, 2018

SPEARFISH — By city ordinance, all pets residing within the city of Spearfish are required to have a pet tag, and to help encourage owners to get their pets registered, the city is offering its annual free pet tag week Wednesday through Jan. 11.

“The main reason is quick return for pets. A lot of times, pets that don’t have tags get sent to impound, and if there’s no way to get ahold of the owners, then that’s the dog without its family or the family being without its pet for longer, so city pet tags ensure we can get a pet home quicker,” Animal Control Officer Jackalyn Paul explained.

Even indoor pets are required to have pet tags, and the city encourages pet owners to have the pet wear the tag, even if the hope is that it will never have to be used to identify the animal if it gets outside.

“Even the best pet that never runs away every once and a while goes on an unsupervised adventure,” Paul said.

Pet tags are usually $5 for pets that are spayed or neutered and $10 for those that are non-spayed or non-neutered, but Wednesday through Jan. 11, those fees are waived. Residents registering their pets need to provide the owner’s name, address, and phone number, along with the pet’s breed, description, rabies shot information, and name. It is also possible to attach a pet’s photo to their tag information.

“In the past, it sort of just had a brief description of the animal,” Paul said. “I found that there’s a lot of labs or a lot of huskies around, so this way, with the picture, it helps if there’s any sort of identifying marks, we can take a look and make sure this pet tag matches this pet,” or, if someone is missing a pet, Animal Control can have a better idea of the animal for which they are looking.

People can email a photo of their pet to Paul at jackalyn.paul@cityofspearfish.com or bring in their pet to the Spearfish Police Department to have its photo taken. Paul said that if people choose to email in a photo, to include their name and the pet’s name, so they can match it to the pet tag information, and to also make sure to send in a current photo of the pet.

Pet tags are available free Wednesday through Jan. 11 at the department, located at 225 W. Illinois St., from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the lobby. After 4 p.m., tags may be obtained from the dispatch window in the lobby.

Pet tags are good for the calendar year and expire Dec. 31, 2019.

For more information about pet tags, contact Animal Control at 642-1300.

Paul reminded pet owners that as temperatures get colder, to remember to check their pets’ paws after they are out in the snow, to clean the snow from their toes and to keep their dogs on leashes when out walking, unless they are in designated off-leash areas, for everyone’s safety.

She added that for pet owners living outside of city limits, they are able to obtain a city pet tag, though it is not required, and she encouraged all pet owners, regardless of where they live, to have some type of identifying information on their pet’s collar so that the owner may be contacted in case the pet gets lost.

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