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Lewinsky Testimony Excerpts-28

September 21, 1998

... JUROR. At the top of page 7, where you say in your proffer that when Ms. Currie called later that afternoon she said ... that the president had told her Ms. L wanted her to hold on to something for her. Do you remember Betty Currie saying that the president had told her to call?

A. Right now, I don’t. I don’t remember, but when I wrote this, I was being truthful. ...

JUROR. ... When did you first learn that Linda Tripp had been taping your phone conversations?

A. I believe that I didn’t learn the extent to which she had taped my conversations until I read it in the press. I learned that day that she had worn a wire at the lunch and ... that there had been other people, I think, in the restaurant that had been listening in and _ so I knew _ she had _ she had said that _ that _ when I was first apprehended, she was _ she had said that they had done the same thing to her and she tried to hug me and she told me this was the best thing for me to do and _ oh.

(PROSECUTOR). Any other specific questions about that day? I just _ this was a long day. There were a lot of things that ...

JUROR. We want to know about that day. ...

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