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Bomb blast kills eight police officers in Colombia, injures another 15

June 18, 1997

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ A bomb apparently triggered by remote control exploded in a truck as it was being searched at a Bogota police station on Tuesday, killing eight officers and injuring 15, officials said.

Six officers were blown to pieces on the spot. Body parts were strewn across the station’s parking lot and the windows of buildings across the street from the station were blown out.

The injured suffered serious burns and some lost extremities, a nurse at Fontibon hospital, where they were taken, told the Radionet network, which said the driver of the truck was detained by police.

The blast occurred as officers were searching the back of the truck, which was intercepted on the highway from Bogota to Mosquera, 10 miles west of the capital, police said.

Bogota police chief Gen. Teodoro Ocampo said police were unloading ``a vehicle that supposedly contained contraband merchandise″ in a parking lot of the police station in the city’s western neighborhood of Fontibon.

``We think the vehicle was made to explode by remote control,″ national police commander Gen. Rosso Jose Serrano told reporters at the scene.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility and Serrano did not say whether he suspected any particular group.